April 19, 2024

Who Benefits

Who can benefit from PDR??

* Private individuals wishing to retain their vehicles condition and without loosing their No Claims bonus.

* Sales dealerships and Car sales sites who want to ensure all vehicles are in pristine condition and therefore maximum value prior to sale.

* Car hire companies can avoid persistent claims on cars returned by customers.

* Companies and individuals returning lease or contract hire cars are required to repair dents and creases larger than 30mm in order to avoid incurring excessive wear and tear charges. These charges can run into hundreds of £’s

* Vehicle leasing companies maximising the value of returned cars prior to sale.

* Companies wanting to keep their fleets in good, resaleable condition without repeat Insurance claims.

* Traditional Bodyshops wishing to offer their customers an optional service.

* Insurance companies wanting to lower their costs.

Many Lease companies currently charge £200 per panel for returning vehicles with car park dents, £150 per scuffed wheel and £200 per bumper scuff. You could face bills of £1,000’s and once you hand the vehicle in you won’t get the chance to repair it yourself. Unfair, but a reality